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FDCPA - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

7 Most Common FDCPA Violations
  • Continued attempts to collect debt not owed. ...
  • Illegal or unethical communication tactics. ...
  • Disclosure verification of debt. ...
  • Taking or threatening illegal action. ...
  • False statements or false representation. ...
  • Improper contact or sharing of info. ...
  • Excessive phone calls.

Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement is a legal process that facilitates the negotiation of debt settlement between the debtor and the creditor. It is evident that numerous people are not able to pay back their debts even though they have the intention to pay. For this reason debt settlement is an alternative to negotiate with the creditors in order to reduce current outstanding balances by a certain percentage.

As experienced debt settlement attorneys and paralegals, we negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount of debt the individual must repay. We will contact each one of your creditors and/or each collection agency to stop the late fees, penalties, and premiums building up on all accounts. We will establish agreements so that the credit card companies and collection agencies will contact the Law Offices of Frederic C. Goetz, Esq., LLC instead of the consumer. We also work to obtain the consumers credit report and work to remove any misleading, unsubstantiated, or incorrect items on our client's credit reports. This is a very important service that can be utilized by the consumer to restore credit ratings and create a plan for future financial management.

Working together:

It is very common for consumers today to find themselves in a heavy debt situation that is out of control. Frederic C. Goetz, Esq., LLC has developed an excellent program where we work with debt settlement companies on behalf of their clients to negotiate and settle their debt(s) effectively and responsibly. Our services include debt management, negotiations with creditors, and debt settlement, and our program is designed to help your clients deal with their problem debt.

Frederic C. Goetz, Esq., LLC is an attorney based "back end" debt settlement processing company, handling the direct negotiations and settlements with creditors on behalf of your clients to significantly enhance results. As one of the fastest growing debt settlement services providers in the debt settlement industry, our firm also offers all your company needs to begin or build your front end sales operation.

Frederic C. Goetz, Esq., LLC provides all of our affiliates the following services and we are free of cost:
- No start-up or training fees
- Attorney managed operation
- Compliance expertise
- Personalized account management
- Customized reporting
- Premier debt negotiators on staff
- Exceptional service approach to your clients

The back-end provider is a direct reflection of your company, and we ask that you allow our licensed attorneys to service your company and clients with integrity and professionalism. Working together, we can help put those who are committed and serious about getting out of debt back on the road to financial freedom.

Facts about Frederic C. Goetz, Esq., LLC Debt Settlement:

  1. Years of experience in the debt settlement industry
  2. Owned and operated by licensed attorneys
  3. Utilize Global Client Solutions who will work with the Consumer to establish their special purpose account at an FDIC insured bank.
  4. Complaint free track record
  5. Innovative and compliant methods for reducing creditor calls and letters

Debt Collection

The key to running a successful business is money. At times, getting that money is much harder than simply sending out a bill. At Frederic C. Goetz, Esq., LLC, we will make sure business owners and managers can collect promptly while protecting their own rights. Debt collection matters that we handle include, but are not limited to, both consumer and commercial accounts receivable, actions to enforce promissory notes, foreign judgment enforcement, and recovery of professional service fees.

Frederic C. Goetz, Esq., LLC and its highly trained staff of debt professionals are here to explain your options and assist you in any way possible. Please feel free to contact us at the number below with any questions you may have about our debt settlement programs.